Foundry Tree is an evolving, changing project that addresses the connecting between artists who cast iron, build and run iron furnaces, fabricate, and celebrate these processes. Over 600 participants to date are part of this database.
This connective process began April 1-4, 2009 at the National Conference on Cast Iron Art
at SLOSS Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama.


Please e-mail me at gabriel.akagawa@gmail.com if you have questions, are interested in participating in, hosting, or exhibiting this project.  You may also email me your digital image to add to the site.
Due to limitations of the website, the “tree only represents a select few of the artists in various iron casting communities.
If you have had your picture taken for this project, you may be linked to this project via a colleague on the tree
or through a school, institution, event or locale listed in the menu at the top of the site.
You may also search for your last name via the ‘Search’ function at the upper right. If your image is posted, please search your email account for a message from me for information request.
Thank you very much,
Gabriel Akagawa