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David M. Arnold

David is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With a background in design and sculpture, He uses metal, wood, and digital fabrication to build studio furniture, custom cabinetry, metal fabrication and sculpture.

David received his Technical Diploma in Welding from Milwaukee Area Technical College in 2015. He also completed his Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, in May 2021. Most of his sculptural skills are from variety of workshops across the country. Other artists in the sculpture community have taught him valuable skills, such as NCCCIAP and his internships at Sculpture Trails. His cabinetry and woodworking skills were learned working in the field. Concept and meaning inspire David’s artwork. Without meaning, art is just a pretty form. David strives to bring both concept and meaning into art.

His professional achievements include having a series of work installed at Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum. David’s art has been tied back into the art community since it is collaborative. His sculpture work requires the art community to help create his work

David currently operates his own art studio in Milwaukee where he creates sculpture, fabricates metal, and builds and designs custom furniture & cabinets.

In addition to the personal studio, David has been an active member at the Non-Profit Organization Milwaukee Makerspace since 2015. As of 2021 during the expansion of the organization. With collaboration of Bret Daniel and other members, David has been a large involvement to setup the foundry at the Milwaukee Makerspace Location, Makers Village in St. Francis, Wisconsin,

David has setup a program to share and promote the practice of contemporary cast art, teaching members how to apply their craft to foundry. In September 2023, David planned and executed the first Iron Pour at the Milwaukee Makerspace and continues to run Iron Pours quarterly.