NCCIA at Sloss, 2009

The first year of Foundry Tree at Sloss Furnaces 2009. Over 250 people were photographed and added on the first run of the project.

The idea of the Foundry Tree project came about through discussion between Gabe Akagawa and others such as Bob Pawlak at the 2007 NCCIA at Sloss Furnaces.

Much gratitude to Sloss Furnaces and Paige Wainwright for all of the support with the Foundry Tree endeavor in its first years. Also to Jen Mosier for photographic assistance.

Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama. 2009
Photo break out front of the Duncan House. April 3, 2009 at the inaugural conference of the Foundry Tree project.
Pictured left to right: Ken Payne, Jodi Hollnagel-JubranHanna Jubran, Michael Cottrell, Carl Billingsley, and Company.
Information exchange between generation of metal workers.
Pictured left to right: Fred Gerdes, Kara Hall, Donnie Keen, and Forrest Goodhue.
Foundry Tree founder, Gabriel Akagawa, taking photographs. Image by Mahasti Mudd