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22nd annual Tucumcari Hot Iron pour at Mesalands Community College, 2020

Jack Craft

Bronze casting education:

Harry Geffert at TCU

Iron casting education:

Andrew John Cecil in undergrad at TCU and an early Mesalands pour

Donna Jean Jawrunner at Mesalands

Ran furnace at Highlands with Andrew John Cecil under David Lobdell

2007 in Decorah Iowa with Kelly Ludeking’s Annual Down on the Farm Pour

Industrial methods (including cope and drag green sand techniques) at commercial iron foundry in Memphis, Texas

Large scale work with Donnie Keen in Houston (worked with Butch Jack and Kurt Dyrhaug through Donnie)

Atomic Iron commission pour at Texas Tech during the Texas Sculpture Symposium

Assisted in running the first pour at Collin County Community College with Luke Sides and Joel Kaiser