Little Pour on the Prairie, 2019

Many thanks to Christopher Meyer for inviting and hosting Foundry Tree for the 6th annual Little Pour on the Prairie on June 1, 2019, near Vermillion, South Dakota.

Safety talk.
Phen wheel 9- Ferrous Wheel setup. Phen Edwards

Phen wheel 9- Ferrous Wheel in all its glory i love my life Phen wheel 9- Ferrous wheel, is a project i did about rotational forces acting on a stationary stream of iron. The four wheels carry the hot metal in a cycle that represents mantle convection that happens under the lithosphere. As hot metal rises and cools it moves land and shapes our planet. Volcanoes eject pressurized lava in large explosions and they build land by adding to what was already created. I try to celebrate these processes through cast iron performance. Thank you Christopher Meyer and all the South Dakota crew for a amazing time at the Little Pour on the prairie

Posted by Phen Sparkles on Tuesday, June 4, 2019
First tap.
Foundry Tree photo shoot setup.

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