Iron50: Annual U of M Iron Pour, 2019

Foundry Tree was at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota for Iron 50: the 50th Annual University of Minnesota Iron Pour on May 4th, 2019. Thirty-four new people were photographed and added to the Foundry Tree database. Many thanks to Tamsie Ringler for inviting me and including me in the many events. I am grateful to be apart of this final event at the UMN that honored Tamsie and Wayne Potratz. I met many people who are continuing the 50 years of iron casting traditions forward in Minnesota and beyond. Here are some images of the people and things that were going on at the time of the Foundry Tree photoshoot.

Videography by Kevin L. Callahan
Pour Floor cleanup
Courtyard cleanup
Alumni Reception meeting between Tom Christiansen and Tim McClellan
Iron Pour t shirt exhibition
Foundry Tree photo shoot setup