Metal Health in Detroit, MI 2020

Much love and gratitude to Jay Elias at for hosting Foundry Tree and for the wonderful 1st Metal Health Iron Pour in Detroit, Michigan at 555 Non Profit Gallery +Studio.  Also thanks to Carl W. Goines and Amanda Partridge Nordin for their care and support. Also, I am thankful to be able to cast 8 more Refrain iron railroad tracks.

Mold preparation with Jay Elias

Cricket Baynes and Ed Parrish Jr. securing a ladle warmer stand

Safety talk.
Sand molds up and off the frozen ground.
Extra metal? Pour it in the snow.
Bottom dropped.
Foundry Tree backdrop setup.

Pour’n Yer Heart Out, 2020

Many thanks to Alisa Toninato at Felion Studios for hosting Foundry Tree and for the amazing 11th Annual Pour’n Yer Heart Out community Iron Pour in Madison, Wisconsin at Olbrich Botanical Gardens.

I was also able to cast two ceramic shell molds for the Refrain project. I also handed out Glove Project “valentines” from Kelly Ludeking’s gloves to those who were at Pour’n Yer Heart Out, 2019. Many thanks to all involved!

Safety talk.
Furnace running.
Metal flowing.
Catch it, skim it.
Into molds.
Proud Andrew.
Bottom dropped.
Foundry Tree photo shoot setup. TJ Nakano photographed.

U of Wisconsin-Whitewater 2019

Thank you Tree Lind for hosting the Foundry Tree at the annual University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Iron Pour on November 9, 2019. I was also able to cast three ceramic shell molds for the Refrain project. Many thanks to all involved!

This was the 10th iron pour/event I attended in the 10th year of the Foundry Tree database: 2009-2019. Thank you to all who have participated and supported the endeavor over the years.

All set
Indoor molds
Mold prep
Scratch block lines
Foundry Tree Photo backdrop setup in the warm wood shop.

Westbrook Memorial Iron Pour, 2019

Foundry Tree was at 555 Non Profit Gallery +Studio in Detroit, Michigan for the Casey Westbrook Memorial Iron Pour on October 26th, 2019. Many thanks to Carl W. Goines, Jay Elias, Amanda Partridge Nordin for inviting and supporting the Foundry Tree and All there for helping to cast more Refrain iron railroad tracks.

Image courtesy of Carl W Goines.
Image courtesy of Carl W Goines.
Zach Miller‘s reaction mold
Backdrop setup for Foundry Tree portraits in the gallery.
Akagawa keeping shells hot for iron. Including the Refrain iron railroad tracks. Image courtesy of Carl W Goines.

Lynden Sculpture Garden, 2019

Many thanks to Leah Schretenthaler and Tom Dahlseid for inviting and Lynden Sculpture Garden for hosting Foundry Tree and for the amazing 1st Annual Scratch Tile Workshop and Iron Pour in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Also thanks and credit to Dave Arnold for his photographs.

Image courtesy of Dave Arnold
Image courtesy of Dave Arnold
Image courtesy of Dave Arnold
Image courtesy of Dave Arnold
Steven and Laurie Struss on scratch tiles
Ima and Ari Akagawa‘s iron cast. Thank you Kaleigh Suddarth!!!
Building for Tile workshop and Foundry Tree photo shoot.

Iron50: Annual U of M Iron Pour, 2019

Foundry Tree was at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota for Iron 50: the 50th Annual University of Minnesota Iron Pour on May 4th, 2019. Thirty-four new people were photographed and added to the Foundry Tree database. Many thanks to Tamsie Ringler for inviting me and including me in the many events. I am grateful to be apart of this final event at the UMN that honored Tamsie and Wayne Potratz. I met many people who are continuing the 50 years of iron casting traditions forward in Minnesota and beyond. Here are some images of the people and things that were going on at the time of the Foundry Tree photoshoot.

Videography by Kevin L. Callahan
Pour Floor cleanup
Courtyard cleanup
Alumni Reception meeting between Tom Christiansen and Tim McClellan
Iron Pour t shirt exhibition
Foundry Tree photo shoot setup

NCCCIAP at Sloss, 2019

Foundry Tree was at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama for the National Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art and Practices on April 5th and 6th, 2019. Over 120 new people were photographed. Many also had their photos updated for the 10 year anniversary of the Foundry Tree database. Many thanks to Marshall Christie, Eric Fuertes, Andrew Marsh, Feral Fagiola, Cassie Kise, and the rest of the SC Crew (Steering Committee) for all of the support.

Outside the Power House.
Fuertes and Kise getting to work!!!
Hannah Hirsekorn who assisted in the CNC plasma cutting involved in the Foundry Tree banner.

Connect to the NCCCIAP website for all the details on the conference at
Many Thanks to Cassie Kise and the web team for helping with this post on the conference site!

Iron Tribe, 2019

Foundry Tree was at the 9th biannual Iron Tribe March 2, 2019 production pour at New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Many thanks to David Lobdell and Alize King for all the support.

WCIAA board members at Iron Tribe 2019
Radiators unload.
Break them down.
Donnie Keen at the grill! See a pic of him talking to students at Sloss 2009.
Thor rocking out
Elena patching
Chuck Householder doing leather tattoos. Like this one modeled by Oonagh.
Another great Foundry Tree photo setup. Thank you Alize!
Poster for Foundry Tree at NMHU by Gabriel Akagawa